Power From Shore

The offshore production of oil and gas plays a vital role in the energy infrastructure of many countries.

However, operations relating to this production can be extremely energy intensive, with on-site power requirements ranging as high as several hundred megawatts for larger and more complex platforms.

Prysmian has more than risen to the challenge.

We can provide a comprehensive suite of AC and DC cables and products for the transmission of onshore electricity to offshore platforms via submarine cable systems.

These connections are efficient in enabling a constant and reliable supply of power to offshore oil and gas platforms creating an environmentally favourable solution by avoiding the local power generation, typically diesel based, on the platforms. As the power from the national grid is cheaper than diesel generated electricity in comparison, it’s also seen as an economically preferable option.

With our end-to-end service, utilising our range of manufacturing, installation and engineering assets, we are a single source provider offering full EPCI turnkey cable system solutions to meet our customer requirements

Our full value chain sets us apart, giving our customers a hassle-free single point of contact for all their project needs