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Customers are our core assets and our mission is to continuously improve their journey every day - through our high and innovative range of product solutions and services. Our customer-centric approach and digital technology opportunities let us offer an added value solutions proposition.

Our digital approach offers a number of web solutions and tools with the aim of:

  • Being close to our customers
  • Enhancing our customers' touch points
  • Ensuring transparent exchange of information
  • Offering improved customised solutions

Prysmian digital tools

Prysmian clubs

<p>An advanced best-practice sharing platform, where our customers can access a host of information, from innovative solutions to training sessions, from market news to promotions and much more.</p>

Customer Portal and eServices

<p>It will make it easier for our customers to access information on order status and documentation, drums visibility, stock availability, case-management information and much more.</p>

Online ordering

<p>Streamlined business transactions, through a flexible approach in business processes such as ordering, invoicing, payments, quotations, data tracking, logistics and shipping documentation.</p>

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

<p>Electronic exchange of business documents and processes, through a direct connection between Prysmian Group and our customers' ERP systems.</p> <p> </p>

Product datasheets and eCatalogues

<p>Prysmian Group is enhancing product data information quality and accessibility through our Product Information Management (PIM) system, an improved content management approach and an advanced product search.</p>

Partenership and branding solutions

<p>Partnering with our key customers’ ecommerce sites is a win-win solution.</p>

Online surveys

<p>A direct web survey platform linked to our CRM system to improve the monitoring of our performances, to gather a better understanding of our customers' needs and to put in place a streamlined follow up/action plan process to meet with our customers' expectations/needs.</p>

Webinars and online training

<p>Prysmian Group provides our Customers with access to specific training sessions through our websites and/or key partners sites.</p>

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