FlexoTM Lighting Modular System

Today’s industrial world recognises the competitive advantage of “system solutions”, as they give more benefits and added value than the raw materials alone. FlexoTM modular power cable systems have integral socket outlets, which are factory produced throughout the length of the main supply cable. This allows simple plug-in connections that remove the need for junction boxes and time-consuming on-site glanding and termination. The plug leads can be connected to the lights prior to their being secured. The main cable system, with integrated sockets, supplied on standard drums can then be installed as simply as a cable. When installed, the sockets align with the light fittings and connections are made by a simple plug-in action. This solution has multiple benefits:

  • Installation Cost: cost savings of up 30%
  • Speed: Typically 250m can be installed in only 90 minutes
  • Flexibility: Selectable phase loading easily achieved
  • Reliability: Factory produced and tested to ensure highest quality connections
  • Simplicity: Maintenance free, simple light fitting replacement

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