Prysmian’s crane cables can be found supporting the safe and sustainable operations of infrastructure in the top 100 ports around the world.

With solutions that withstand high stress and offer longer life, wherever there are unique or demanding crane requirements, our cable is there.

Generations of crane cable expertise

For decades the crane industry has relied upon Prysmian for high-quality cable solutions. Our innovative designs and in-house formulated and produced materials mean longer cable life, resulting in increased production, reduced downtime, and significantly lowered costs. 

And thanks to our supply of cable for electrification projects in port infrastructure, we have contributed to the reduction of CO2 emission produced by the ports themselves. For example, today, short electrical connections for a vessel’s power supply have replaced diesel engines used in the past for the same purpose.


Products and solutions offered by Prysmian include:


  • Cables specifically designed to withstand severe duty flexing and torsional stress.
  • Heavy-duty, robust cable that resists abrasion, chemical solvents, oil, flame, moisture and the most diverse environmental conditions
  • Hybrid cable solutions that combine power supply and data transmission features

Prysmian Group are expert manufacturers of specialised cables that withstands the flexing and high stress of container-handling terminals and yard cranes.

Prysmian Group offers a competitive array of durable and dependable cable solutions, engineered specifically for demanding environments and conditions.

Prysmian has long-standing experience and expertise in the development of rubber-based materials. Our world-leading products are all manufactured in-house using rubber compounds formulated especially by the Group. .

Prysmian is a proud member of the Port Equipment Manufacturing Association (PEMA).

An international commitment to quality

The quality management systems of our manufacturing facilities have been independently audited and certified (via Underwater Laboratories Inc. or the main international standards such as VDE, IEC-EN, etc.) to conform to the quality requirements set forth in ISO-9000: 2000.

Our deep commitment to delivering quality products and services, and our dedication to continually improving our practices are embodied in our industry-recognised global certifications.

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Prysmian crane cables

Prysmian’s product range includes power transmission, signalling and control, optical data transmission cables and accessories to meet whatever needs you have in relation to spreaders, reels, festoon systems, chain systems, electronic handling systems, and lifts.


Crane Cables - General Catalogue - Prysmian Group 2016

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