When it comes to the specialised needs of the open cast and underground industries, Prysmian Group offers the suitable solution.

We provide a full product range suitable for both fixed installations and movable equipment. Our mining and tunnelling cables offer significant benefits to a broad variety of specialised mining professionals such as OEMs, specifiers, contractors, installers, mining companies and more.

Coal, hard rock, and other mineral resources extractions require ever-increasing performance of equipment and methods in the open cast and underground mining industry.

This has led to the large machines in use today.

Such sizeable, movable machines require medium-voltage flexible reeling and trailing cables for power supply, and they need to be suitable for operation under the most extreme conditions.

In addition, tunnelling equipment is key not only in the mining industry but also in repairing infrastructure for people transportation – from Singapore to Sydney, from the Channel Tunnel to San Gottardo. 

Prysmian’s cables more than meet the challenge.

Prysmian- and Draka-branded reeling and trailing cables for opencast and underground mining have been field-proven worldwide for decades.
In these mining applications, particular requirements such as mechanical strength and safety have led to the use of high-grade mechanically resistant rubber.

Just some of the benefits you can look forward to with Prysmian Group’s mining cables include:

  • Longer life
  • Chemical and climate resistance 
  • Exceptional reliability 
  • Customised and multifunctional engineering
  • The smallest possible dimensions
  • Repair services 

The high reliability and service life of Prysmian's reeling and trailing cables are thanks to our extensive know-how of the special operational conditions of opencast and underground mining, gained from working in close cooperation with significant mining companies across the world for generations.

Prysmian Group facilities are based in close proximity to key mines on all continents.

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