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On every continent, in the most demanding applications, our specialist cable solutions sit at the heart of significant international projects; supporting the work of major industries and the development of economies, with high-performing, durable and safe technology.

From water treatment to electromedical and in-home applications; Prysmian’s specialist cables are meeting tomorrow’s industry needs, today.

Harnessing systems are used in many industries, mostly for white and brown goods.

These are important for use in the daily life of industry and the home – from dryer to microwave and oven; and from automatic sunlight tents, and automated roofs on buildings to temporary connections in the industry. 

The challenge here lies in the assurance of reliability.

Not only must components themselves be reliable, but so too must the embedded parts. In addition, these parts should be multi norm, be approved by a wide number of external bodies, and be available just-in-time (JIT) and close to your assembly unit, in order to avoid logistics disruptions while achieving cost reductions and service improvements.

Thanks to our extensive product range and the flexible location of our facilities, Prysmian meets the challenge.

The increasing role of automation in the production of industrial goods requires the development of sophisticated, highly reliable, durable and precise moving devices and components. As much as any other element, so too do the cables undergo the greatest stress.

Prysmian’s complete range of automation and drive cables includes medium-voltage and low-voltage power cables with EMC protection, signalling copper content cable, fibre optics, and integrated copper/fibre cable design.

Prysmian cables cater for the multiple scenarios and high demands of complex technological environments, such as resistance to high speed and acceleration, large numbers of cycles, compact dimensions and lightweight multi-functionality.

From X-ray machines to computerised axial tomography scans; and from operating rooms to intensive care units: cables are crucial elements. Their reliability and safety are vital to the quality of care.

Prysmian offers a complete solution to the complex, critical and ever-growing requirements for electro-medical cables.

Our cables meet the highest standards, and provide a whole host of features and benefits, including:

  • Ease and compactness of installation
  • Complete fault-safe operation
  • Reduction of electromagnetic interference
  • Simultaneous transmission of energy 
  • Data Miniaturisation

To keep cities and industry running, water and other critical fluids must flow.

For fluids to flow they must be pumped. And for these pumps to operate continually, cables are critical.

From farm fields and your garden’s irrigation equipment, to municipal water systems, industrial wastewater disposal systems, water conditioning systems and more; all require the use of electrical pumps, installed in extreme environmental conditions.

Whether for a high power pumping system or a portable pump, Prysmian offers a complete range of high performance and reliable solutions that ensure:

  • A long lifetime
  • Compliance with the most demanding VDE standards for drinking water
  • Invulnerability to aggressive chemical and environmental agents

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