Wind Turbines

To meet an ever-growing need for power, the world is increasingly turning to renewable and sustainably-sourced energy.

In response to this demand, Prysmian’s cables are helping wind turbine manufacturers around the globe to harness the true potential of this natural power source.

Pushing the possibilities of wind power

Always aware of our responsibility to the planet, we're constantly aiming to help renewable industry partners by delivering cables that benefit the future of both our world and their businesses.

And so, reflecting this commitment to sustainability, we offer premium quality products for wind turbines, proven in the field with long-lasting and trouble-free attributes.

Our customers

Our cables – used in wind turbine and tower operations – are hard at work across the renewables sector, supporting the work of turbine manufacturers, contractor and developers. 

We provide a range of cables, accessories and services for all wind power generation applications – from the generator, to the grid.

Applying our many years of expertise and global capabilities, Prysmian offers one of the world's most proven and comprehensive product ranges for wind power generators.

Inside Wind Turbines

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PD measurements are effectively used to predict and prevent faults on medium- and high-voltage electrical systems and components, such as transformers, generators, cables, joints, etc.  Thanks to Prysmian’s exclusive sensing technology, the system is easy to install – even during wind turbine operation – without service interruption.

Focus On / Industries

PRY-CAM™ Grids for wind turbine application

Integrated and autonomous monitoring systems for partial discharge and temperature management of medium-voltage components in wind turbines.


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Windflex II 2011

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