Airguard™ cable solutions

Airguard™ cable Solutions

Airguard™ cable Solutions

When faced with aggressive environments and high mechanical stresses, cable manufacturers they have traditionally protected their cables with a lead sheath and metal armour that increase the weight of the cable and reduce the installation flexibility.

Prysmian’s Airguard™ avoids these problems.

By combining our patented Airbag™ and Drylam® technologies we can supply a high-performance solution reducing cable diameter and weight with an exceptional protection from fluid penetration, chemical aggression and mechanical shocks.

The absence of  both lead sheath and metal armour means that Airguard™ has a more compact design and is less rigid, so it is easier to install. Thanks to a reduced diameter, more cable can fit on a standard cable drum, so it is ideal for longer cable lengths and requires fewer splice joints.  

The Airguard™ product range includes solutions for Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, Instrumentation and Control cable applications. Therefore, it is an effective alternative to a cable in a conduit system and armoured cables. It can also be used on horizontal and vertical feeders, branch circuits, and general industrial power applications. Airguard™ power cables are UL-approved for installation in tray, raceway, aerial and direct buried environments.

Airguard™ offers an attractive range of benefits:

Chemical resistance
The hydrocarbon-blocking layer, combined with a metallic shield prevents attack of moisture and liquids such as hydrocarbons and solvents, acids and bases.

Mechanical protection
The Airbag™ layer has been proven in millions of meters of installed cable to absorb physical shock and reduce the damage to a cable core.

Electrical properties 
The metallic layer provides electromagnetic shielding and a current carrying path for harmonics found with variable frequency drive motors.

The combination of a unique design and strategically placed rip cords allows Airguard™ cables to be stripped much faster than metal-clad cables, without the worry of nicked or damaged phase conductors.

Prysmian Airguard™ Cable Solutions:

  • High resistance to chemical attack
  • Light weight and flexible
  • Reduced transport and installation cost
  • High mechanical and environmental protection
  • Low environmental impact due to absence of lead sheath