Cable&Control Line Protectors

Cable & Control Line Protectors

Cable & Control Line Protectors

Prysmian complements our world-leading Downhole Technology portfolio with a comprehensive range of cable protection products to provide clamping and protection solutions for the full range of downhole applications that span from  on-shore wells through to deep and complex off-shore wells for high temperature, high pressure and sour product wells.

The PDT Cable and Control Line Protector range provides clamping and protection for:

  • Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC) 
  • Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) cables 
  • Fibre optic cables 
  • Hybrid cables 
  • Control lines 
  • Injection lines 
  • Flatpacks


Based on our unrivalled design expertise and knowledge of the downhole environment, we have developed a range of cable and control line protection products that meet the challenges for applications including: centralisation; open hole; perforating gun orientation; tight clearances; thermal isolation; low coefficient of friction requirements; dual strings; splice and gauge protection.

Our range includes products you can use to design a protection system that meets the specific needs of your project by minimising the risk of damage to control lines or cables during installation and for the operational life of the well.

By combining cross-coupling protectors and special designs that offer additional stand-off, our systems protect lines running over downhole assemblies such as safety valves, mandrels and tubing crossovers.


To enhance protection from lateral, axial and rotational loading, our protector portfolio includes features that offer distinct benefits over the pressed-steel clamps used by other manufacturers. Key features include: interlocking strap and body; central support pillars; captivated fasteners with no loose parts; pre-engaged fasteners; high tensile fixtures; corrosion protection.

We use a range of materials to balance cost against the demands of your well conditions.

As standard we can supply protectors in: carbon steel; 316 stainless steel; 13Cr, 25Cr and super-duplex. Our products comply with the requirements of NACE MR 0175/ISO 15156.

PDT Cable & Control Line Protectors

Our products portfolio is designed for easy installation and does not need specialist tooling and includes features to remove the risk of damage during installation or operation. These include:

  • All cast body with steel strap
  • Self-locating pre-engaged swing-bolt fasteners
  • One piece assembly with captive fasteners
  • Interlocking straps
  • Side ribs with centralised support pillar
  • Compact design for restricted clearance
  • Chamfered ends