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Society today demands the effective delivery of information at any time, anywhere.

That’s why Prysmian specialises in everything to do with cables for private communication networks. Supporting wholesalers, resellers and OEMs, our solutions are designed to meet both current and future demands, with absolute reliability and total flexibility.

Our Multimedia Solutions business area manufactures and sells optical, coaxial and copper cables. We also offer a range of connectivity components and support services. From cables for TV and film studios, rail networks and underground long-distance communication to light signalling, track switching devices and mobile telecommunications, we innovate to create next-generation communication solutions, today.

Despite the extensive use of mobile phones today, the vast majority of applications are run on cabled infrastructures. Our Multimedia Solutions department develops, produces and sells copper and optical fibre cables that cover virtually every communications application in this field. Whatever your needs, whether you depend on network solutions to run your business, or whether you are a wholesaler, value-added reseller, or OEM, we can help you meet your current and future requirements. We offer greater bandwidths, longer-life solutions, absolute reliability and more.

Focus On / Multimedia & Enterprise

UCCONNECT Category 8 cables

Category 8,40Gb copper twisted pair cables, available in two options – patch and installation. For data transmission performance of up to 2 GHz.

Focus On / Multimedia & Enterprise

UCFUTURE Compact22 Cat.8.2

Capable of delivering 40 Gb/s over 30 m-link distances. Ideal for meeting the future extended bandwidth demands of data centres.

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Multimedia Commercial Department

Multimedia Commercial Department

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