Quality, safety and environment

Quality, safety and environment

Quality, safety and environment

We offer the highest-quality products on the market. Not only are we certified by ISO 9001:2008 and EN9100:2009 for both the French and Mexican operations, but we also have customers that can provide written acknowledgements regarding our competences (Airbus UK, Quality Accreditation Eurocopter 2000). Our Space range is ESA certified.

Our employees are a key factor in our continuous effort to improve safety, product quality and productivity within the business, and so, we commit to OHSAS 18001 for the safety of our people.

Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers

We achieve this by:

  • Reacting promptly to our customers, understanding their needs and expectations and then delivering the highest-quality products quickly and efficiently.
  • Developing human resources by training, providing more autonomy and continuous improvement.
  • Managing quality through established indicators and developing the control of anomalies.

Our quality objectives are communicated throughout the company, and measured and analysed regularly.

FAR 25 compliance

Each aerospace cable type is carefully designed to comply with the safety requirements described in FAR 25 for flammability, smoke-density and toxicity. Selection of materials is crucial to ensure the cables, as far as is possible, do not contribute to fire propagation.

Another key is Arc-Tracking Resistance, which evaluates the resistance in our cables and allows us to assess the implications for any new development of airframe wires.