Sheathed Multi-core Cables

Sheathed Multi-core Cables

Sheathed Multi-core Cables

Sheathed multi-core cables for operating temperatures up to 105°C/3.000h consist usually of PVC-single cores and PVC or polyurethane (11Y / TPE-U) sheath. The single cores are mostly designed with reduced wall thickness and symmetric, asymmetric or fine wire conductors.

For operating temperatures up to 125°C/3.000h the single cores are mainly made of cross-linked Polyethylene (2X – T125) or Polypropylene (9Y). Suitable sheathing material in this temperature class is polyurethane (11Y / TPE-U) due to the good flexibility and abrasion resistance of this insulation material.

In the temperature class up to 150°C/3.000h a good combination are Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer(7Y / ETFE) or cross-linked Polyethylene (2X – T150) single cores and across-linked polyester sheath (33X) or cross-linked Polyethylene (2X – T150). Main applications of these multi-core cables are sensor applications.


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