Wire Rope, Compensation cable & Accessories

Wire Rope,
Compensation cable &

Wire Rope,<br>Compensation cable &<br>Accessories

We provide a complete complement of wire rope of different types, grades, diameters, loads - simply put, if there's a specific type of rope you're looking for, we can find it.

You also have your choice of manufacturers from around the world, including our partner Gustav Wolf (we serve as their North American distributor) and their many specialized ropes. Draka also carries all the accessories you need to work with and install your wire rope, from wedge sockets to lubricators, callipers and the most sophisticated load weighing devices available.

Draka offers almost 100 different configurations of Gustav Wolf wire rope, including styles specifically engineered for applications with reverse bends, need for galvanizing and low stretch. Click here for wire rope ordering information.

We also offer lifetime warranted Whisper-Flex® and Steadi-Flex compensation cables (as well as QuietLink II compensation cables) for smooth, economical and quiet compensation.

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