We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and meet them with a portfolio of products and solutions that evolves constantly to reflect the changing landscape of the train and tram industry.

Our exhaustive product range includes jumper and composite cables and covers all functionalities (MV/LV, instrumentation and control, video and data transmission). Our cables boast a proven extended working lifetime, commonly exceeding 30 years.

Prysmian rolling-stock cables are suitable for equipping all electric and diesel locomotives, carriages, electronic equipment and many other parts of a train.

Advanced technology and performance

We have designed and developed an advanced, high-performing family of technological compounds for even the most demanding applications. Our technology will allow:

Unique safety in case of fire outbreaks

Our focus is always on ensuring both human and material safety in any working environment. Our rolling-stock cable solutions are designed to minimise fire hazards related to cables. For example, in order to prevent cables contributing to the spread of fire and the deterioration of the atmosphere (crucial for emergency services) they:

  • feature self-extinguishing properties
  • do not release toxic and corrosive gases
  • reduce the amount of smoke emitted.

Our cables are suitable in the most critical conditions (e.g. tunnels, deep metro lines, etc.) and are fully environmentally friendly (LS0H and recyclable).

Tailor-made solutions

We understand that cables in trains must be resistant to a wide range of conditions, e.g. high-speed objects and particles, cleaning fluids, fuel, oils, hydraulic circuit fluids, greases, etc, as well as harsh environmental conditions (extreme temperatures, salts, mud, UV irradiation, etc). This functionality comes as standard with all our cables.

However, we are also able to manufacture a broad range of harnessing solutions, specifically developed compounds and cable designs (e.g. formulation, compounding and manufacturing cables) according to specific customer needs. How can we do this? Our state-of-the-art technological capabilities and expert technicians and technical specialists.