Nuclear Plants

Prysmian delivers superior nuclear cables for systems and components involved in the production of nuclear energy, including, medium-voltage, instrumentation, control, communication and cables for special radiation-monitoring equipment. 

Quality and performance guaranteed

  • A wide range of state of-the art cables for existing and new power stations
  • Proven solutions adapted to national standards and design requirements
  • Performance and reliability over time (up to 60 years)

Empowering the nuclear industry

Within the portfolio of power generation, nuclear power demands nothing short of flawless technological excellence. Utilities of nuclear power plants all over the world require an abundance of on-hand technology and every component must, therefore, work perfectly and consistently, to guarantee continuous and safe power generation.
Nowhere is this more evident than inside the ‘sarcophagus’ that contains the reactor.
Here the safety requirements are far stricter than in any other part of the plant and components must undergo independent third-party scrutiny before being installed.

Critical to this operation is proven resilience to:

  • Thermal ageing at high environmental temperature for at least 60 years
  • Nuclear (gamma and beta) radiation
  • High pressure and hot temperatures in accident conditions (LOCA)
  • Chemical agents in accident conditions (LOCA)
  • Fire propagation, electrical fault and oil aggressiveness

Prysmian’s Technergy™ nuclear cables, including the newest designs such as AP1000 and EPR, have been specially developed to withstand every stress that comes with environments inside nuclear power plants. Our Technergy™ nuclear cables rely on dedicated certification as well as Nuclear Quality Assurance supervision to live up to the high expectations for safety and reliability of the worldwide market.

Our global Customers

Name of the Customer Project/Name of the Nuclear Site Country Year Approx Qty Km
Areva Gmbh Tian Wan China 2014 200
Electronuclear Angra III Brazil 2012 2000
SNPEC San Men - Ha Yang React 1&2 China 2011 100
CNPEC Taishan EPR React. 1&2 China 2010 1000
CNPEC Yangjiang CWR React. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 China 2009 1000
Areva France Flamanville EPR React. 1 France 2009 1200
CNPEC Ningde 1 CWR React 1&2 China 2010 320
CNPEC Hongyanhe CWR React 3 & 3 China 2009 320
CNPEC Hongyanhe CWR React 1 & 2 China 2008 320
Areva Germany Olkiluoto EPR React. 1 Finland 2007 1981
Areva China Ling AO React. 1 & 2 China 2002 1903
CNEIC Qinshan II React. 1 & 2 China 2001 100
Areva France Civaux France 1986 1293.87
Areva China Daya Bay 1 and 2 China 1994 660
CERN Cern Switzerland 1991-2000 1000
Framatome Penly France 1989 1293.87

Inside Nuclear Plants


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